This blog is the new face of Askios, a project I began in 2001, which has gone through several avatars. My objective remains, as before, to share my learnings and findings with other abuse survivors, and to raise awareness on the issue of childhood trauma and abuse.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Askios Survivors

This blog is for adult survivors - that means adults who were abused in their childhood. While most of the posts on Askios Survivors are primarily for survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, a lot of the information is relevant to survivors of other childhood trauma, such as physical or emotional abuse, or alcoholic parents. At the bottom of the page, you'll find links to other blogs for/by survivors. If you'd like your blog added to this list, please leave me a comment.

Askios Directory

There aren't many organisations that work specifically on Child Sexual Abuse, but there are more than you're aware of. You can find out which is the nearest organisation to you by searching Askios Directory by city, country, or name. This blog lists not only contact info, but also a description of the type of services they offer.

Askios Children

For any responsible adult who wants to make the world a safer place for all our children, Askios Children is a good starting point. Here you will find articles, tips and fact sheets that are specifically about child protection, how to talk to children about their personal safety, and how to handle situations where children have been abused.

Askios News

If you are from an organisation or a media person looking for further information on specific cases, Askios News will be the best place to start. It contains reports from the media, and can be searched by subject, date and city. Please note: it is not a sex offender registry. One of the downsides of a sex offender registry is that people get complacent, thinking that they know who the abusers are - don't forget that the majority of child abusers will never come to light, and the only names you will find here are those of convicted or alleged offenders, as shown in media reports.